Saturday, 3 August 2013

Vicks Side Effects in Urdu

health-tips:Vicks is the product that is commonly used on wide scale and this is why this product is very popular amongst parents and children. Vicks is perceived as children’s medicine and parents usually prefer this when there is a cough and cold season. It is available in many different forms and used for several purposes. But most of the parents are not aware that Vicks has many side effects that sometimes result in diseases that are severe and sometimes even long lasting and exacerbate. So let’s have a look at few of the side effects of Vicks.

Vicks is made up ingredients that includes; camphor, eucalyptol, menthol, cedar leaf oil, nutmeg oil, and turpentine. These all are combined in a way that the Vicks is formed in a form of balm. It is usually used in healing cough, cold, flu, and sour throat. However, it has many uses and also helps in treating them but still the side effects cannot be overlooked. Usually people use Vicks while taking steam but they are not aware that this cause breathing problem that sometimes results in death. It also causes inflammation of larynx.

Inhalation of Vicks can be poisonous, this also cause vomiting, minor asthma attacks, and in some cases severe anxiety. It also cause lungs problem and also make them weak. Sometimes it is seen that people who rub Vicks on their skin and have sensitive skin experience irritation and rashes and severe itching. Also in warm weather it is observed that it also cause skin burn that is apparently red spots on skin and then that particular part is burned badly in few cases the result of Vicks is entirely opposite instead of treating temperature it increase the overall body temperature and makes the condition worst and out of control.

It is commonly advised by the doctors that Vicks should not be used for the children that are on mother feeding, also it is not recommended for infants and toddlers, because it cause drowsiness and other skin diseases. Long term use of Vicks makes human organs weak and stiff. However, it has on side effect if used by pregnant women but still there should be care and proper handling.

It is commonly seen that most of the time kids swallow Vicks that is extremely dangerous and life threatening. It also results in addiction when used on regular basis. Other common products of Vicks that are Vicks vaporub and nasal spray also have many side effects if not used carefully. So, you must be very careful while using Vicks and other Vicks related products especially when it comes to children and make sure that these sorts of products are not in reach of children.