Thursday, 1 August 2013

Higher Education In Pakistan

Education:There are several pre-requisites for a country to make progress consistently. Among these, Higher education sector is the one which is the most important. History is manifest of the fact that highly educated people have always played decisive role for the betterment of their nation. Such a group of people struggled together to attain a separate homeland for the Muslims of sub-continent. Since the creation of this country,  Pakistan has been unfortunate in this regard, as the higher education in Pakistan was not strong enough to produce high class people who can run the affairs of the country.

During the Pervaiz Mussaraf era, higher education in Pakistan was given boost by earmarking sufficient funds for this sector. He set up HEC (Higher Education Commission) in the country which tried to address the basic issues of the country and as a result the higher education system started to thrive in the country. HEC has been proactive in rectifying the structure of the higher education system in Pakistan and following are the services HEC rendered in education sector.

  • HEC main Responsibilities:

  •     Improve higher education Policy and performance.
  •     Development of existing educational Institutes.
  •     Awarding of Degree rights.
  •     Establishes the new education system.
  •     Make progress in the higher education structure.
  •     Acquisition of the local scholarships.
  •     Students sent Abroad for getting higher education.

HEC improves the education system in the country and this award goes to existing Chairman of HEC Atta ur Rehman and present chairman Dr. Javed Chaudhary.
HEC achievements are

  •     Higher education gets four foreign awards at best performances in which TWAS and high civil award are included.
  •     40000 scholarships have been offered to PhD programs.
  •     Every year nearly more than 600 students sent to abroad for foreign education.
  •     The amount of yearly admissions in universities has increased up to 135000 to 400000 from 2003.
  •     Amount of research students increased up to 4300 yearly.
  •     By HEC scholarships every year 1000 Pakistani students sent to Cuba for get the education of medicine.
  •     By the effort of HEC’s two universities of Pakistan ranks in first 300 world universities.

But by all of these works and policies we can’t say that HEC’s working is better than foreign universities. Because amount of fake universities are not lower in country and the standard of HEC’s education is not so good as compared to foreign universities. On the other hand, too many complaints about scholarships are in fronted at the top that relatives allegedly are common in scholarships. That’s why people believe in foreign education institutes than HEC. Now see that at what extent HEC improves itself.